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by Niki Kefala
 - Rodos
Δημήτρης Ασιθιανάκης

Rhodes is one of the most cosmopolitan islands of Greece, as it attracts thousands of tourists from all over the world. Its charm stems from its long history combined with its incomparable natural beauty. Visitors have plenty of choices while on the island, but the major sights and attractions are the following:

Medieval or Old Town

At the Medieval or Old Town of Rhodes you will have the opportunity to explore many attractions, such as the Palace of the Grand Master of the Order, the Mosque of Suleiman, the Street of Knights with the majestic gates, and much more.

Hippocrates square in the historic Old Town of Rhodes Greece
'Hippocrates square in the historic Old Town of Rhodes Greece' - ian woolcock / Shutterstock

Archaeological Museum of Rhodes

The Archaeological Museum of Rhodes is located in the Medieval Town and is housed in a two-floor medieval building of 1489, which served as the Knights’ Hospital. In the inner courtyard there is an impressive sculpture of a lion devouring its prey. At the first floor, you will find tombstones, engraved armorial and fragments of statues, while at the ground floor you will be able to see fabulous sculptures such as that of Marine Venus, the Aphrodite of Rhodes and the marble head of the Sun god.

Telephone: 22413/65256.

Archaeological museum building at historic Rhodes island in Greece.
'Archaeological museum building at historic Rhodes island in Greece.' - Carsten Medom Madsen / Shutterstock

Museum of Mineralogy and Paleontology Stamatiadou

This museum was founded in Rhodes in 2008 and it is the only one of its kind in the Dodecanese. It features a total of 41 minerals that come from all over Greece and are divided into three collections.

Telephone: 22410/90201.

Museum of Modern Greek Art of Rhodes

Since 2002, the museum is housed in an imposing neoclassical building of Rhodes. Its collection of more than 1000 exhibits is considered the best of its kind in Greece, since it covers all periods.

Telephone: 22410/23766.


Lindos was among the three ancient cities of Rhodes. Worth seeing are the Acropolis of Lindos, the Temple of Athena Lindia at the southern end of the Acropolis, the Propylaea and the Necropolis on the hill in front of the Acropolis.

Ruins of ancient temple. Lindos. Rhodes island. Greece
'Ruins of ancient temple. Lindos. Rhodes island. Greece' - Volodymyr Burdiak / Shutterstock

The Valley of the Butterflies

The Valley of the Butterflies is the most popular natural attraction of Rhodes. It is located in a beautiful setting with lush vegetation, waterfalls and springs, as well as wooden bridges, benches and ponds. Every year from June to September, butterflies gather there to mate, creating a spectacular colourful sight.

Telephone: 22410/81801.

Petaloudes - The Valley of the Butterflies, Rhodes.
'Petaloudes - The Valley of the Butterflies, Rhodes.' - emberiza / Shutterstock

The Seven Springs

This breathtaking location is still not very widely known. The landscape is beautiful with lots of trees, springs, waterfalls and a pond with ducks, while there is also a tavern where you can eat tasty Greek food.


Located close to Faliraki, it is the largest park of its kind in Europe. It has everything, including swimming pools, underwater gym, a large variety of water slides and, of course, lifeguards. The ticket costs 20 euros for adults and 15 euros for children. The park closes at 19:00 during summer.

Telephone: 22410/84403.


The aquarium is located at the northernmost part of Rhodes and is one of the most impressive aquariums in Greece. It gives the opportunity to both young and old to experience the marine world by admiring fish, shellfish, turtles, seals, crabs, sea urchins, mollusks and others, some of which are threatened with extinction. It also operates as a research facility.>br>
Telephone: 22410/27308.

the aquarium in Rhodes town, Greece
'the aquarium in Rhodes town, Greece' - dedi57 / Shutterstock

Kallithea Thermal Springs

It is one of the most famous attractions of Rhodes, attracting tens of thousands of visitors every year. It is a historical monument with striking architecture, where you can see the hall of the Rotunda which once spurted its healing waters, but also several others, such as the beautiful mosaics. The thermal springs are located next to the sea, 9 km south of the city of Rhodes, just before Faliraki.

Telephone: 22410/37090, 22410/38404.

Kallithea springs Rhodes island Greece
'Kallithea springs Rhodes island Greece' - George Papapostolou / Shutterstock