The Town of Rhodes

by Niki Kefala
Rodos Town
'Famous Mandraki harbor of Rhodes island, Greece' - Rodos
'Famous Mandraki harbor of Rhodes island, Greece' Veronika Galkina / Shutterstock

The town of Rodos is located on the northernmost part of the island and it has a triangular shape. At the center of the Town, you can visit the Medieval Town and get ready for an exciting journey into the past, in the era of knights. The Medieval Town is so rich in historical findings that in 1988 was designated as a World Heritage City. The impressive Castle of the Knights is located on the northwest side of the Medieval Town and is the perfect setting for romantic strolls. Other major attractions of the Medieval Town - which apart from medieval monuments, hosts a whole mosaic of ancient, Byzantine, Ottoman and Italian monuments - is the Temple of Aphrodite, the Knights' Hospital, in which the Archaeological Museum is now housed, the Byzantine Museum, the armory, the Museum of Decorative Arts, Souleiman's Mosque and the Palace of Kastellania.

Heaven on earth

The Park of Rodini is a paradise on earth that is situated 3 km from Rodos Town. The journey in the past continues as it is the oldest park in the world and known for its dense and diverse vegetation. The bridges, the ponds full of water lilies and the wonderful trails make up a truly idyllic landscape. The impressive colourful peacocks who live there will definitely... monopolize all of your photo snaps!

It's shopping time

In the center of Rhodes Town, visitors can enjoy shopping in a market spread on a flat area near the sea. There you can discover brands with international prestige, while many cafes and restaurants are ideal for relaxation during the day and night. Visitors should also enjoy pottery products (one of the oldest arts born in the Aegean islands) located in souvenir stores. And because Rodos Town is ideal for walking, you can buy a pair of handmade leather sandals made ​​by craftsmen of the island. If you'd like to buy folk clothes, you can go to the trendy district in the west of Mandraki. It is worth visiting the flea markets held in the town of Rhodes four times a week. Spend the afternoon shopping in the Turkish neighbourhood and don't miss a pleasant stroll at the promenade along the beach of Elli which will lead you to the famous Casino.

Jet set and casino

The Grande Albergo delle Rose hotel was initially inaugurated in 1927. Two years later, the casino hall opened, attracting many visitors, celebrities and jet setters. In the mid 70s, the casino stopped working. It reopened in 1999 continuing the glorious path. Today you can find 300 electronic machines and 34 table games that will take off your adrenaline. And if you love poker, you can even join one of the upcoming poker tournaments.


When in Rhodes do as Rhodesians do - and that is staying up all night! The famous «Bar Street» will offer you nights filled with drinking and dancing, from the vibrant disco to the typical Greek hang-out spots.

DO: See the Medieval Town from above, from the walls that surround the town. Tours every Tuesday and Saturday. Also visit the aquarium, where you can admire rare species of fish.

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