Gennadi - Rodos

by Niki Kefala
'Looking back from Prasonisi - Southern Tip of Rhodes' - Rodos
'Looking back from Prasonisi - Southern Tip of Rhodes' - Attribution: seligmanwaite

Gennadi is a village on Rodos island, 63 km away from the town of Rodos, with beautiful beaches and picturesque white houses with big walls and hidden yards (in the past these walls protected the villagers from the pirates). Here, the old church of St. George is located. Gennadi offers sandy beaches and bays and it is very close to Asklipio, a mountainous village where a folklore museum is located and where the medieval castle of the region can be found.

The village stretches along the main road with good restaurants, small hotels, apartments and small villas. The beaches with sand or pebbles are organized, and you can have the opportunity for water sports - also, 15 km from here is Prasonisi (the green island) ideal for surfing lovers, with a beautiful lighthouse. Visitors can find crowded or quiet places for relaxing on those endless beaches. After sundown, dance to the beat of remixed Djs set, until the morning. And if you get tired, you have no excuse, have a refreshment and the party continues...

This village has a variety of taverns with very tasty Greek food. Take a seat and drink ouzo with meze (a collection of finger foods) or eat some of the famous traditional Greek specialties, like mousaka or pastitsio. Τo... digest, take a stroll through the narrow streets where they will guide you to the churches of St.John of Thelogou and St. Anastasia. You can also visit the old oil press or the forest. The gorge of Mala with the small but amazing waterfalls, the lake of Skoloniti and the artificial dam of Gennadi with small lakes underneath and lush trees and grass all around, will definitely catch your attention and will fill your lungs with fresh air. Not bad at all!

: Enjoy a beach party and see what fun looks like!

DON'T: Take with you only high heels but also sneakers for long walks during the sunset.

Hotels and apartments in Gennadi