Ixia - Rodos

by Niki Kefala
'Global MBA Trophy Yacht Race, off Ixia Beach - Rhodes, 30 April 2011' - Rodos
'Global MBA Trophy Yacht Race, off Ixia Beach - Rhodes, 30 April 2011' - Attribution: Paul Stephenson

Ixia is one of the most popular and cosmopolitan resorts of Rodos. It is a newly built settlement at a distance of approximately 4 km from the town of Rodos. It is characterized for the high density of hotel facilities, designed to keep occupants in the unit because all services are provided, from sports facilities and swimming pools to bars and discos.

Endless blue

At the endless crowded beach of Ixia (620m), with crystal clear waters and golden sandy beaches, visitors can enjoy a swim and get involved with sports as windsurfing (here the wind is strong enough, suitable for windsurfing lovers) and diving (the beauty of the seabed excites all divers). It is a lively beach, which thanks to good organization offers plenty of options. But if you seek quietness, on the edge of the beach, on the way to the Kremasti and the Theologos, the situation is quite different and out of the classic image of the busy tourist resort. Ideal for families with children.

Facing the sunset

Ixia is the perfect place for relaxation and a settlement with one of the most famous sunsets. This is why many couples decide to get married here. The combination of deep blue and sunset make the perfect setting for the most important day of your life.

'Melekouni' like honey

Are you hungry or thirsty? Don't worry! There are for you in Ixia, over 25 restaurants and many all-day bars where you can enjoy a local food, as the garlic bread and melekouni (a dessert based on honey) or a breezy drink. As for the night, the lights are on and have fun until the morning!Visitors can have access to Ixia by bus, by taxi, by rented or private car, or motorcycle from Rodos Town.

DO: Stop at Rodini Park (3 km from Rodos Town) to enjoy the view of the bay of Ixia.

DON'T: Pets are not allowed on the central beach of Ixia.

Hotels and apartments in Ixia